2.3" Empty Round Toy Capsules (2000ct)

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2000 Empty Large Round Toy Capsules
If you are looking for the biggest toy capsule that can vend from a standard 2-inch toy capsule machine - then these 2.3 inch empty toy capsules are the ones that you are looking for. With 2,000 toy capsules, shipped in one box of tops and another of bottoms, you will have plenty of toy capsules to fill up even the largest of toy vending machines.These capsules are clear with a blue tint as shown in the smaller pictures.

The capsule is perfect for motivators in a $.50 mix as well as $.75 & $1.00 vends.

They are sold in sets of 2,000 and require assembly, with tops and bottoms shipped in separate boxes.

These ship in two boxes with a combined weight of 57lbs.


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