7 Foot Gas Pump Gumball Machine

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7 Foot Replica Gas Pump Gumball Vending Machine Before electric powered pumps, you had to work for your gas. Manually pump the clear cylinder full of gas, & let gravity fill your tank! Fuel filled the clear cylinder by manually pumping the side handle. Once filled, gravity fed the fuel from the cylinder to your tank! In the 1920's & 1930's, these originals stood as high as 15'! We picked a popular style pump & scaled it down to 7'6" tall to fit inside a standard 8' ceiling. Featuring a high-gloss gel coat finish, authentic decorative rubber hose, cast aluminum nozzle and authentic powder-coated steel pump handle with hand-carved wooden grip. Illuminated 9" globe fixture sits on top and lights up with your favorite logo. Solid fiberglass body construction with steel locking cashbox to keep your profits secure. This is the real thing!


  • Sturdy fiberglass body construction
  • Logo Globe: Illuminated globe assembly sits on top. 110 Volt. UL Listed.
  • Coin Mechanism: Top of the line Beaver brand coin mechanism - best in the industry!
  • Holds about 2,100 1" gumballs (not included)
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Dimensions: 7'6"(H) x 21"(W) x 21"(D)
  • Weight: approximately 75 lbs

 Availability: These gas pump gumball machines are custom built to order. Usually leaves the warehouse in 2-4 weeks.

Options & Customization:
We encourage you to take advantage of our ability to hand build each item uniquely to your instructions. This method ensures a one-of-a-kind item that will reflect your tastes! If you are unsure, we'll gladly walk you through design ideas and can even provide you with digital images for you to review before we begin production.

  • Dispensing Wheel: Choose wheel to dispense either gumballs/candy or bouncy balls.
  • Coin Mechanism: Top of the line Beaver brand coin mechanism. Choose from $.25 or free-spin to allow gumballs to be dispensed without any coins. Choose your preference in the drop-down above menu when ordering. (Note: Large photo above shows machine without coin mech, but yours will include one!)
  • Body Color: Click on small icon to see various color options. Type one of the following color preferences in the above menu when ordering:
      • Regal Blue
      • Chopper Orange
      • White
      • Black
      • Grass Green
      • Tango Yellow
      • Platinum
      • Viper Red
      • Midwatch Blue
      • Indian Ivory
      • Aqua
      • Sky Blue
      • Lime Green
      • Chocolate
      • Merlot
      • Dark Violet
      • Hot Mustard
      • Bubble Gum Pink
      • Burgundy
      • Dark Green
  • Globe Logo: Choose from a nostalgic gasoline or automotive logo, or maybe you'd like to showcase your own business or custom logo. All we need is original artwork, and some direction on what you'd like! Additional charges may apply to custom logos depending on the complexity. For standard options, click on small icon to see various globe logos. Type one of the following globe preferences in the above menu when ordering.
      • American Gas
      • Amoco
      • Dengal Gasoline
      • Buffalo Gasoline
      • Authorized Buick Service
      • Authentic
      • Chevron Gasoline
      • Chrysler Sales Service
      • Cities Service
      • Conoco
      • Esso - Blue
      • Esso - Red
      • Flying A Gasoline
      • Frontier Gas
      • Gilmore Gasoline
      • Roar with Gilmore
      • That Good Gulf Gasoline
      • Gulf
      • Hancock Gasoline
      • Humble Gasoline
      • Indian
      • Johnson Gasoline
      • Lion
      • Magnolia Gasoline
      • Mobilgas
      • Mobil Premium
      • Mohawk Gasoline
      • Musco Gasoline
      • Oldsmobile Service
      • Packard Sales Service
      • Pennzoil
      • Phillips 66
      • Polly Gas
      • Pontiac Service
      • Pure
      • Red Crown Gasoline
      • Richfield - Black
      • Richfield - White
      • Richfield - Blue
      • Route 66
      • Shell
      • Super Shell
      • Signal
      • Sinclair Power-X
      • Sinclair Dino - Dinosaur
      • Sinclair Dino
      • Skelly
      • Skelly Regular
      • Standard
      • Red Wheel
      • Sunoco Dynofuel
      • Texaco
      • Texaco - Fire Chief
      • Texaco - Blue
      • Texaco - Sky Chief
      • Tydol
      • Union Gasoline
      • Union 76 Gasoline
      • White Eagle Gasoline
      • White Rose
      • Your Custom Logo



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