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Bag in Box Toppings Dispenser

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Bag in Box Toppings Dispenser System

The Bag in Box system is the most convenient way to dispense topping for your customers. This system has a heated warming deck that keeps two 35 pound boxes of toppings warm and ready for use at the same time. The topping is continually heated throughout the system to ensure even deliver. The dispenser also features a “No Drip” spout that keeps things clean and cuts down on wasted product. The dispenser plugs directly into a wall outlet and does not require any other supplies besides the box of toppings to operate. The stainless steel construction makes for easy cleanup and years of trouble free use.

Bag in Box Toppings Dispenser Specifications:
- Dimensions: 22”D x 16.25”W x 19”H
- Electrical Requirements: 250 Watts –2.1Amps at 120V
- Weight: 120lbs

Availability: The Cretors Bag in Box Toppings Dispensers are in stock and ship in 3-5 business days after you place your order.

Made by Cretors: Cretors is the company that invented the popcorn machine in 1893 and has been growing ever since. Cretors Machines are made in the United States in a state of the art manufacturing facility. It is no wonder that people choose Cretors brand machines when they are shopping for the best.


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