Benefits of a Gumball Machine Cash Box

Many customers ask whether they should purchase a machine with a cash box. The answer really depends on how much time you intend to spend on your machine. Do you have just one or a few machines or is a vending route a primary business for you and you need to be able to service your machines quickly and efficiently?

For a vending route operator, adding cash boxes to candy or gumball machines can help speed up the time it takes to service the machine. There is one benefit to having a cash box on a gumball or candy machine; a machine equipped with a cash box has a separate money drawer, with its own lock just under the coin mechanism, that can be easily opened to retrieve the money inside, as seen in this image below.

Gumball Machine with Cash Box

The key that removes the lid of the machine is usually the same key that will open the drawer. If you have hundreds of machines in your vending route that you service on a weekly basis, having machines with cash boxes can help save time as you get your money. Simply unlock the cash box, slide out the drawer, grab your quarters and go!

However, getting money out of a gumball machine without a cash box is not difficult or overly time consuming. For machines without cash boxes, you need to unlock the lid of the machine and remove it, pull the body of the machine off the base plate and slide it off the center rod. This will expose the base plate of the machine where the quarters drop after turning the coin mechanism. While this method of money retrieval takes a little more time, it is easy to do.

Gumball machines with and without cash boxes can all be money makers if placed in a great location and filled with fresh product; the choice to equip your machine with a cash box or not boils down to the demands on your time.