Bubble King Assorted Gumballs (1"/850count)

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Bubble King Assorted Gumballs 850 Count Bulk Case
Chew like a king! These Bubble King Assorted gumballs aren’t meant for plebes, because they aren’t your average gumball. Bubble King Gumballs are flavored throughout, instead of just on the outer shell. The result? A longer-lasting gumball. You’ll also earn a king’s ransom – one bulk case of 850 gumballs is worth $212.50 in total revenue.

These gumballs are one of our most popular items.  Each gumball is 1" or 25 mm in diameter, the standard size for commercial gumball vending machines. Refill your gumball machine with these fresh and delicious gumballs today!

7 Colors/Flavors:

  • Red = Cherry
  • Pink = Cherry
  • Yellow = Banana
  • Orange = Orange
  • Green = Lime
  • Purple = Grape
  • Blue = Blueberry

Size: 1 inch / 25mm diameter
Quantity: 850 gumballs per case
Weight: 17 pounds

Kosher Certification Circle U

Pelotas de chicle surtidas, de marca «Bubble King». Venta al por mayor en caja de 850.

Estas pelotas surtidas son excepcionales, ya que el saborizante se encuentra por toda la pelota y no unicamente en la superficie. El resultado? Una pelota de chicle de sabor más duradero. Ud. también gana con estas pelotas; una caja de 850 pelotas vale $212.50 de ingresos totales.

Este producto es uno de nuestros más populares. Cada pelota mide una pulgada (25mm) de diámetro, lo cual es el tamaño común y corriente para las chicleras comerciales. Llene hoy la chiclera suya con estas pelotas frescas y sabrosas!

Colores y sabores:

  • Rojas = cereza
  • Rosadas = cereza
  • Amarrillas = banana
  • Anaranjadas = naranja
  • Verdes = limón verde
  • Moradas = uva
  • Azules = arándano

Tamaño: una pulgada = 25 mm
Cantidad: Hay 850 por caja
Peso: 17 libras = 7.7kg

Kosher Certification Circle U


Great service and productReview by Elizabeth Reap
Easy ordering and on time delivery. Quality of product was excellent. Few if any chipped gumballs or sugar dust in the bag. Will order again. (Posted on 1/23/2018)
Happy with purchase Review by Jim Dawson
Gumballs were fresh and I liked the flavors. Price was great. Flavor doesn’t last very long, only reason for four stars rather than five. (Posted on 1/22/2018)
Excellent service!Review by A.H. name withheld by request
I did not try the gumballs, as they were a gift for someone else. They arrived very quickly and I called for some help and received excellent customer service. Thanks you! (Posted on 12/3/2014)
happy customerReview by cammack station
I am always happy with the service that I receive. (Posted on 9/23/2014)
great folks to buy fromReview by Sylvia Nagle
Excellent product with super fast shipping. (Posted on 4/13/2014)
Great ExperienceReview by Keith Allenbach
My order showed up very quickly to the delight of all whom I gave free samples to (before I filled my 25 cent machine). The gum balls were fresh and delicious. As I have heard before, you can smell the sweets before you open the box. Thanks for offering such fun products to brighten our lives. (Posted on 3/30/2014)
gumball reviewReview by kristy miner
The website was easy to use, delivery was fast, and the gumballs were priced well. (Posted on 3/7/2014)
Great productReview by Tavia Moore
These were great and came on time but I wish they did not have the stamp on them. I wanted just the colored gumballs for my candy themed table. I have since learned that the Bubble King Special Assorted Gumballs do not have a logo stamped on them and would have been a better choice for the candy table. (Posted on 11/23/2013)
Fresh productReview by Michael Lutz
Flavors were standard, nothing wow about it but good basic gumball. (Posted on 11/11/2013)
My kids love this gumballs!Review by yvetty perez,vasquez
I like the freshness of these gumballs and now my mom is addict to them, she asked me where did i buy them and my last purchase was for her. We love how soft, chewy and fresh this gumballs are. Thanks Gumballs.com!! (Posted on 11/8/2013)
soooooo,delisious!!Review by yvette
I have been purchasing these gumballs for my kids and recently for my mom ,she always ask me where do i buy this gumballs they are soo soft and fresh ! And delicious!! thanks gumballs.com (Posted on 10/28/2013)
Great ProductReview by Cassandra De Luisa
This variety of flavours is quite good, and is very popular. (Posted on 8/23/2013)
Assorted Gumballs!Review by Theresa Noll
These gumballs were very fresh. Easy to chew and tastes great! (Posted on 6/8/2013)
Great FlavorReview by Karen Moore
Just wish the gumball flavor lasted a little longer. Gumballs from Gumballs.com always seems fresh. (Posted on 4/4/2013)
Order completion - good experienceReview by Lynn Mellor
Service was very prompt and packaging was perfect. These gumballs are our favorites. (Posted on 3/25/2013)
Tasty gum.Review by Terry Craven
I adjusted my machine to dispense the 1" gumballs and it works very well when you feed it .25 cents. (Posted on 3/23/2013)
Awesome productReview by Krista van de Wetering
The gumballs arrived really fast and my family LOVES them :-) I looked at a lot of online stores and found the best prices and shipping rates here! Will definitely order again from you guys :-) (Posted on 3/16/2013)
good experience.Review by mark richards
Gumballs arrived on time. They were fresh and had plenty of different colors. Could of added a few more grape. All and all I'm pleased. (Posted on 2/13/2013)
Great To Work WithReview by Debra Gutzmann
The gumballs were great. More flavorful, shipping was fast and price is good. (Posted on 2/9/2013)
Great ExperiencesReview by Kawandria Williams
I have ordered several times from Gumballs.com and I always have a good experience. Awesome vendor!!! (Posted on 2/7/2013)
The gumballs are great! All our customers love them! Fast shipping too! (Posted on 2/6/2013)
Very good gumballsReview by Glenn E. Mallory
These gumballs were very good, I will order again. (Posted on 2/3/2013)

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