What are the Different Sizes of Gumballs?

Bulk gumballs are sold in cases that vary by count depending on their size. The standard size gumballs for commercial vending machines are 1" in diameter, which are typically sold in bulk cases of 850 count, but some vending route operators also use .92" 1080 count gumballs to increase profits. Smaller gumballs have a higher case count than larger gumballs. Most bulk cases measure approximately 10" x 10" x 12" and weigh 15-20 pounds each. Larger gumballs have lower case count and weigh less than smaller gumballs which have higher case count and weigh more. Please see the image showing relative gumball sizes and case count for each. How you plan to use your gumballs -- vending in a gumball machine, home use machines, decorations, party favors and more -- will determine what size gumball you need.

Gumball Size Chart

The smallest size gumball is a half inch (.5") in diameter

These small gumballs, along with the .56" sized gumball, work well in candy vending machines with an adjustable dispensing wheel if you would like to dispense a small handful of gumballs. The smaller gumballs also look great as decorations.

Small .62" gumballs work in Carousel brand and other home use Gumball Machines

It's about the size of a peanut M&M. The gumball sizes between .62" gumballs and 1" gumballs can be used in candy machines that have an adjustable dispensing wheel. You will need to experiment with your machine to determine how to adjust the dispensing wheel to ensure the gumballs drop through the opening without getting crushed.

1" Gumballs are standard size for commercial gumball vending machines

If your commercial gumball vending machine is set with a gumball dispensing wheel, then the 1: 850-count gumballs are the best match. 1" gumballs come in the most flavor varieties and are typically available in 850 count cases. 1" gumballs are also available in a wide variety of colors and are popular as decorations. If you plan to use 1" gumballs in a vase and are not sure how many you will need, it is helpful to know that about 50 1" gumballs fill a two cup liquid measuring cup.

Larger 1.13" gumball will NOT dispense from a gumball vending machine

This size gumball WILL dispense from a vending machine set up for a 1" toy capsule. 2" gumballs, the largest gumball size we offer, will only dispense from a 2" toy capsule vending machine.

Still Not Sure?

If you are not sure which gumball size your gumball machine dispenses, look inside the bottom of your machine storage area to see the size of the dispensing wheel openings. If the machine is built to today's standards, there are at least two possibilities:

  • You will see round holes,
  • You will see triangular holes.

In the case of round holes, measure the diameter of the hole. That diameter is the diameter of gumballs that will work with that dispensing mechanism. If you see triangular holes, your machine is currently set up to dispense small pieces (of candy or gumballs) up to about the size of peanut M&Ms. Some customers find the information here to be most helpful in discerning the difference.

Check out this video which describes the different sizes of gumballs to help you decide which size is right for you.