Candy Blox (11lbs)

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Bulk Candy Blox Candy - Like candy Legos! (11lb Bulk Case)
Kids love candy and kids love building things. Candy Blox are a candy version of lego blocks. These candies stack and interlock with one another really well allowing kids to play with their desert before they eat it. With different colors, flavors and block shapes these candy building blocks are almost more fun to play with than they are delicious to eat. The same great building block characteristics that make these fun to play with also prevent them from dispensing correctly through bulk candy vending machines.

Flavor: Assorted fruit
Weight: 11 pounds
Manufacturer: Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll

Freshness Guarantee

Warning: These candy blocks have a tendency to nest and will not dispense out of a bulk candy dispensing machine.

Kosher Certification Circle UConcord Confections candy is certified Kosher candy.


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