Carousel Big Bubble Assorted Gumballs (.62"/4800count)

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Carousel "Big Bubble" Assorted Gumballs 4800 Count Bulk Case
Big Bubble Gumballs by Carousel/Ford Gum are .62 inch gumballs with all of the chewing characteristics that make Carousel gumballs an American favorite. These gumballs come in bright colors and have great assorted fruit flavors coupled with a soft consistency to create a wonderful chewing experience for the Bubble Gum aficionado!

Colors: Red, white, pink, orange, green, yellow and blue
Flavors: Assorted fruit
Size: .62 inch
Quantity: 4800 gumballs per case
Weight: 20 pounds
Manufacturer: Carousel / Ford Gum (Made in the USA)

Kosher Certification BVK - Ford Gumballs Certified Kosher 


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