Petite Carousel Gumball Machine w/8oz Gumballs

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Petite Carousel Gumball Machine with 8oz Gumballs
This Gift Set includes a Carousel Petite Gumball Machine and 8 oz. of fresh and delicious assorted Carousel Gumballs. Kids of all ages will fondly remember their first gumball machine, and now they can enjoy it with gumballs as soon as they open the box. It's the gift that keeps giving!

This original Petite Carousel gumball machine is a mini version of the classic King Carousel Gumball Machine that has been around since the 1920's and is a recognized classic. With a smaller footprint, this machine can fit almost anywhere. The included  8 oz of gum is the perfect way to start teaching children how to save money becauuse the machine will accept any coin from a penny to a quarter. This mini gumball machine has a metal base and coin mechanism as well as a glass globe and works well as a present or a favor at birthday parties or even weddings, the small size is perfect for a center piece or as a decorative accent to any room. This is a classic gumball machine that can find a place in the heart of even the crustiest gum chewers out there.

Petite Carousel Mini Gumball Machine Features:

  • Real glass gumball machine globe
  • Cast metal gumball machine base, lid, and coin mechanism
  • Accepts any coins (quarters, dimes, nickels, pennies)
  • Includes instructions for "free spin" to work without coins
  • Works as a gumball bank - retrieve coins when full
  • Anti-spill gumball chute door cover
  • Machine comes fully assembled in a gift box
  • Dispenses small gumballs (.62" or smaller), candy, or nuts
  • Gumball capacity: 13 oz. of .62" gumballs (16 oz. gumballs included)
  • Dimensions: 9"H x 5"W
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Color: Classic red finish


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Great gift idea! Mini gumball machines are a perfect gift for both the young and young at heart! Kids can use the bubble gum machine as a bank that rewards them with a gumball every time they put a coin into their savings. Click on the smaller photo above for an enlarged view of the Petite Carousel's colorful gift box.

How to Set Up the Petite Carousel Gumball Machine - Video

How to Use the Petite Carousel Gumball Machine - Video


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