Dog House Hot Dog Cooker

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Dog House Hot Dog Cooker
The dog house cooks hot dogs with steam and dispenses them directly onto your customer’s bun. The Dog House takes up only 15 inches of counter space and holds up to 24 hot dogs and 24 hot dog buns.

The dog house hot dog cooker includes bright graphics and easy to follow instructions to help win over customers. The machine also is easy to disassemble to clean and keep running perfectly. It will accommodate standard size 1.2oz hot dogs up to 1/4lb jumbo hot dogs and includes a thermostat on the front to adjust the cooking and holding temperature of the hot dogs in the machine.

Condiment Station Specifications:
- Dimensions – 15”w x 20”d x 26”h
- Weight – 22lbs
- Power Requirements: 1200 Watts – 10Amps at 120V
- Holds 24 Hot Dogs and 24 Hot Dog Buns
- Cooks Hot Dogs with Steam in 20-30 minutes
- Dispensing Mechanism (customers never touch the hot dogs)
- First In – First Out dispensing ensures fresh product
- Attractive Graphics and Easy to Follow Instructions
- Low Water Indicator
- Automatic Shutoff (if water runs out)

Dog House Hot Dog Cooker Key Features

Dog House InstructionsDog House Dispensing Action:
Customers serve their own hot dog in three easy steps. First step is to retrieve a bun out of the bun drawer. The second step is to open the bun and place it in the machine. The third step is to pull the lever that places the hot dog into the open bun. Each of the steps are clearly marked and explained on the machine in both text and pictures ensuring simple operation for all customers. The innovative lever feed system makes it so that customers never come in contact with the rest of your hot dog supply and contamination is eliminated.

Dog House ThermostatDog House Thermostat Control:
The Dog House Hot Dog Cooker includes a thermostat control that allows you to adjust the temperature for cooking or for holding cooked hot dogs. The optimal temperature often changes throughout the day as you need to have more or fewer hot dogs cycling through the machine. Hot dogs are also served in a first in, first out basis ensuring that when you add more hotdogs to the machine they have time to cook before the customers buy them.

Dog House Fill SpoutDog House Water Reservoir:
The Dog House has a 2 quart water reservoir that provides the steam to cook the hot dogs. The reservoir is enough to make it through a day of normal operation, but the convenient easy to fill spout on the side allows you to refill the machine while it is still in use. Just add water when the water light turns off and the machine will continue to operate without problems.

3 Year WarrantyThree- Year Warranty: Dog House Hot Dog Cookers each come with a three year warranty. Our machines are designed for commercial use and will stand up to years of normal use.

Availability: The Dog House Hot Dog Cookers are in stock and ship in 1-3 business days after you place your order.


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