Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine

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Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine –16oz Kettle Size

The Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine is a mid-sized popcorn machine that does not skimp on features. The Econo-Merchant features a single stage exhaust system to keep your popcorn fresh. The system includes a washable filter to catch and remove grease and smoke particles that would negatively affect the flavor of your popcorn. The Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine also has a hot air blower system to keep your popcorn tasting fresh longer. The welded stainless steel design, looks great, is easy to clean and is built to last. Other innovative features like the lighted rocker switches at eye level and counter balance kettle dump system make this machine a perfect solution to midsized volume requirements.

Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine Specifications:

- Dimensions: 22.25”D x 28.25”W x 37”H
- Weight: 125lbs
- Electrical Requirements: 3150 Watts – 26.25 Amps at 120 Volts
- Heat Lamp to Keep Popcorn Warm
- Heated Popcorn Deck to help keep Popcorn Fresh
- Single Stage Filtration System with Washable Filter
- Direct Drive Agitator Motor
- Drop Shelf to protect Popcorn Kernels

Econo-Merchant Popcorn Machine Optional Upgrades:

One-Pop Button –Turns on the machine to pop one batch of popcorn and then turns the kettle off to prevent risk of fire.
One-Pop Counter –Keeps track of the total number of batches of popcorn that have been popped in the machine.
Salt/Sweet Switch –This switch adjusts kettle cooking temperature for salt and butter popcorn or sweet popcorn toppings.
Stainless Steel Kettle –Upgrade to a full stainless steel kettle for easier cleanup.
Integrated Oil Pump –Automatically pump oil into your popcorn kettle for perfect amounts and easy operation of your popcorn machine.

Availability: Custom built to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.


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