Economy Plus Candy Crane Mix 4915pc

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Economy Plus Candy Crane Mix - Brand Name Candy
4915 pieces - we use a digital counter that counts each piece of candy, so we guarantee you’ll receive this count!
Perfect for a first time fill or combine with other mixes to lower your average cost. Approximately 50 pounds of candy!

Mix includes these brand name candies (subject to change, but always similar quality):
Banana Chews
Black Cherry Chews
Flinstones Fruit Chews
Assorted Fruit Chews
Green Apple Chews
Ice Cream Chews
Cherry Chews
Blue Raspberry
Green Apple
Sour Grape
Sour Rainbow
Sour Strawberry
Taffy Time Flavored Chews
Candy Rings
Toxic Waste Miniatures
Lemon Head Wrapped
Atomic Fireball Wrap
Gold Bear Minis
Swedish Fish
Sour Patch Kids
Wonka Mix-Ups
Laffy Taffy Mix
Smarties - Sweet Tarts Rolls
Smarties - Sweet Tarts Packets
Air Heads Blue Raspberry
PEZ Bulk Mini Rolls
Pop Rocks
Samito Pops
Fruit Filled Candy
Azedinha Sour Drop Candy
Starlight Fruit
Tab Rolls
Tootsie Rolls
Black Cherry Pop Mix
Root Beer Barrels
Candy Watch
Candy Loveheart Bracelet
Candy Necklace
Crack Ups Popping Candy
Fun Toons Candy Sticks
Tootsie Pop Miniature


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