Does have a printed catalog?

No sorry, our website is our catalog. It isn't practical to print a catalog with thousands of pages since our inventory is always changing with new gumball machines, vending machines, gumballs, bulk candy, and more.

Do you accept purchase orders?

We accept purchase orders from schools and government facilities only. Please note all POs must be pre-paid before we can ship you the products (you can pay via credit card, check, money order or wire transfer). Please email or fax your PO to us.

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes we do, but only for the gumball machines and candy machines that we sell. If you are looking for parts for a machine that you did not buy from us, you are welcome to give our parts a try but we cannot guarantee compatibility, and no returns are accepted on parts. All our parts can be found on the "Machines" tab of our website.

Can a machine be set to "Free Spin" without quarters?

Yes, but we are warning you now: be ready to buy gumballs by the truck-load. If you would like your vending machine to free spin first check the options in the coin mechanism section for your machine. If there is not a free spin option be sure to mention it in the comments box within the shopping cart system when placing your order online and we will contact you regarding the price of that customization.

Can the coin mechanisms be adjusted to accept foreign currency?

We can adjust some of our vending machines to accept foreign currency and ship to international destinations. However we'll caution you that shipping internationally can get extremely expensive. Please contact us directly for more information.

Do you sell animal food vending machines to dispense fish or animal feed?

Many of our customers have used one of our commercial candy machines to dispense fish food and animal pellets at fish ponds and petting zoos. Any of our machines with candy dispensing wheels should work as animal feed vending machines, but we cannot guarantee they will work as it depends on the size and texture of your animal feed. If your feed is similar in size to bulk candy, chances are it will work just fine. In the end, its your call! Please note, however, that our animal food gumball machines are not built for outside use and are not weather-proof.

Is ordering online safe and secure?

All online transactions through our website are handled with industry-standard SSL encryption. This means that when you enter your credit card number into our secure order form and you press the Buy button, your information goes through a highly secure encryption process which prevents any person on the Internet from seeing your information. Within just a few seconds, it reaches our credit card authorization server, is decrypted, and is quickly authorized without any human intervention. As surprising as it may seem, this process is considerably safer than turning your credit card over to a waiter in a restaurant. If you still feel uncomfortable about entering your credit card information online, we would be more than happy to process your order over the phone.

Will your bill validators work for new or changed currency?

Historically, our bill validators have accepted new currency faces. Should one not work in the future, validator upgrades will most likely be made available at an extra charge (easy to install), so your old validator could be updated to accept new currency.

Please also see our Vending Business FAQs

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