Food Warmer Accessories

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Food Warmer Accessories
Our Food Warmer works with most popular pans and accessories, but if you would like more accessories for your food warmer or soup warming stations, we have all of our accessories available at competitive prices. All of the accessories are made out of 18/8 gauge stainless steel for easy cleaning and durable use.

Available Accessories:
- 3oz Serving Ladles – $3.95
- 7 Quart Inset Pan – $13.95
- Adapter Plate with two 8-3/8” Holes – $18.95
- Condiment Pump for 7 Quart Inset Pans – $109.95
- Half Sized Dome Lid – $19.95
- Half Sized Flat Lid – $12.95
- Half Sized Perforated Pan – $29.95
- Half Sized Solid Pan – $19.95
- Hinged Inset Pan Cover (9-13/16” Size) – $7.95

Individual Parts Descriptions

7 Quart Inset Pan7 Quart Inset Pans:
These 7 quart inset pans are perfect for serving soups, toppings and more when used with our food warmer and the adapter plate. They can be used with either the condiment pump or the 3oz ladle and the hinged inset pan cover.

Inset Pan AdapterInset Pan Adapter:
This adapter allows the 7” inset pans to be used with our standard food warmer. They have two holes that each measure 8-3/8 inches and fit our 7 inch inset pans perfectly. The adapter is made out of 18/8 gauge stainless steel.

3oz Ladle3oz Ladle:
These 3oz Ladles are made out of stainless steel and are perfect for serving nacho cheese, chili, soup or even ice cream toppings.

Half Size LidsHalf Size Lids:
These lids come in either flat and domed variety. The dome lid works great for food items that can be stacked (like hot dog buns) and can rise above the level of the pan itself. For everything else there are the flat lids.

Half Size PansHalf Size Pans:
Two of these pans fit side by side in our food warmers. They come in two styles solid for heating and perforated for steaming your food. The perforations are great for foods like hot dogs that cook better with steam and the solid pan is a great option for hot dog buns.

Hinged Inset Pan LidsHinged Inset Pan Lids:
These hinged lids are made out of stainless steel and are the perfect cover for our 7 quart inset pans. They feature a notch cut out of them to allow room for a spoon or ladle to stick out of the pan with the lid closed.

Availability: The Food Warmer Accessories are in stock and ship in 1-3 business days after you place your order.


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