Fortune Dice (300ct/Self-Vend)

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Fortune Dice 1" Self Vending - 300 count (Requires a 1" toy capsule dispensing wheel)

Remember the "Magic 8 Ball?" Ask a question, shake the ball and the answer appears in the window. Now there's Fortune Dice! This collection of 8 different 6-sided dice lets kids "Ask, Roll, Discover" as they pose a yes or no question, roll the dice and receive an answer like "Chances Are Good," "Like, Yeah, I Think," "Cannot be Certain," "In Your Dreams" and more. Kids will never tire of rolling for their future! Fortune Dice are a self-vend item; they vend just like a 1" toy capsule, without the capsule! Please note to dispense this product from a vending machine, your machine will need a 1" toy capsule dispensing wheel.

FREE with purchase: A Fortune Dice display card for the inside of your toy vending machine. Grabs attention and helps increase sales!

Availability: These one inch self vending fortune dice are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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