FT40 Hot Air Popcorn Machine

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FT40 Hot Air Popcorn Machine

The FT40 is a commercial grade hot air popcorn machine that can produce up to 40 pounds of popped corn per hour. The popcorn kernels are popped using a flow of hot air for consistency and a healthier final product than popping corn with oil. Air popped pop corn also has a longer shelf life than corn popped with other methods. The FT40 includes a built in sifter to remove unpopped or undersized kernels before they reach production. The digital temperature control gives the operator the ability to set the optimum popping temperature for the specific popcorn hybrid being used in the machine. Popping corn with hot air eliminates the mess associated with oil in your popcorn machine.

FT40 Hot Air Popcorn Machine Specifications:
- Dimensions: 65”D x 32”W 64”H
- Weight: 650lbs

FT40 Hot Air Popcorn Machine Optional Upgrades:
Plastic Scrap Bin with Sifter –Sifts out unpopped kernels & small pieces.
Counter Top Mount Base – The FT40 comes with a shelf base mount for use with a popcorn production table. The counter top base mount enables you to use the FT40 on any flat counter top surface.
Free Standing Base – Turn the FT40 into a free standing unit with this stainless steel base designed just for the FT40 hot air popcorn machine.
Countertop Receiving Tray – Collect your popcorn in this stainless steel receiving tray.

Availability: The Cretors FT40 Hot Air Popcorn Machines are iare custom built to order and ship in 2-5 weeks after the order is processed to the manufacturer.


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