Round Fun Shoppe

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Round Fun Shoppe
The Round Fun Shoppe gives you an attention-getting package for converting passers-by into a source of income. With the choice of a change machine for one of the four modules, being out of change is no longer an excuse for not buying a toy or gumball!  This round machine consists of four quarter-round modules, each of which is either a vending machine or a change machine.

- Vivid, visually compelling graphics
- Designed and engineered in the USA
- Optional Bill Changer to promote sales
- Top quality, drop-through Beaver coin mechanisms
- Optional Casters
- Optional coin mechanisms for $.50, Tokens or Free Spin


- Dimensions: 60"H x 17.5"W x 17.5"D
- Weight: 200lbs

Availability: Made to order; usually ships within 5-10 business days


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