Fun Zone Crane Claw Machine

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Fun Zone Crane Claw Machine
The Fun Zone starts here! And you don't have to stop at just one machine. The Fun Zone is the only machine on the market with modular potential. This means that you can link 2 or more of the Fun Zone machines together and present a united front with simultaneously and synchronously blinking lights. With only one Fun Zone, the side panels are color-changing lights and the front area also changes color to call attention to the game! The Fun Zone machine features a sturdy all-metal construction and is loaded with features. It can be configured as a "Play Until You Win" machine for plush toys or as a traditional skill crane. The play type can be adjusted at any time by changing a setting on the board. (It can not be adjust during play.) The medium claw allows the machine to handle most plush toys in the 7- to 10-inch range. The electronic coin mechanism allows you to determine which coin the machine will accept by providing a sample coin in the comparator - there is no need for a new coin mechanism if you wan to change from coins to tokens or vice versa. The optical prize detection system counts every time a prize drops down the prize chute, which is helpful for auditing purposes. Easily affordable and packed with features, the Fun Zone Crane Claw Machine is bound to be a valuable addition to your family fun center! 

- All metal frame construction
- Tempered safety glass (not cheap plexi-glass)
- T-handle locks for optimized security
- Recessed LED lights in both corners
- Electronic coin mechanisms
- Optional dollar bill acceptor/stacker
- Medium claw with adjustable strength and meter included
- Optical prize detection system
- "Play 'til you win" selectable
- Microprocessor control
- Compelling sounds with adjustable volume 
- Easily accessible service panel on front of game
- High security cabinet with four large locking wheels
- Easy to fill, extra-deep product area
- Custom graphics available for an extra fee -  call for details
- One year manufacturer's warranty with free overnight parts shipping (customers must pay to ship back the defective part).
- Great technical support - can even be scheduled after hours!
- Designed and engineered in the USA
- Dimensions (in use): 76.5"H x 38"W x 29"D including control box
- Dimensions (shipping): 82"H x 48"W x 40"D including control box
- Weight: 400 lbs

Adjustable Claw Strength for Pickup & Carry: This crane machine has an adjustable claw strength with two phases of its operation: one for when it picks up the prize, and another for when it carries the prize to the chute. The voltage can be set differently for each phase anywhere from 0-48. There is a third voltage setting for the auto-percentage feature which varies the claw strength for a % of turns taken on the machine, which most customers set at its maximum. The auto-percentage can be set for any turn from 1-99. The factory setting is usually 10, which means every tenth turn the claw will be at maximum strength.

Freight Shipping within the continental US to your loading dock. We can also add a liftgate for curbside delivery for an extra fee.

Availability: This machine usually ships within 2 business days. With custom art, it usually requires an additional 4 days from the date of art approval.


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