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Great Stuff Toy and Candy Crane Mix 4520pc

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Great Stuff Toy and Candy Crane Mix 4520 pieces
This mix appeals to anyone in the vicinity of your crane machine. This is a nice mix of assorted candies and toys, sure to grap the attention of all!.

Included may be items such as Vampire Teeth, Mini Magnifying glass, Frogs, College Basketballs, Airplanes, Dum Dums, Popping Candy Heide Fruit Chews Candies, Candy Necklaces, Assorted Taffy Jujyfruits, Fun Toon Candy Sticks, Wonka Nerds, among others!

Crane mixes change frequently to include new items. Actual items you receive may vary from the photo above (but they'll be of similar quality).


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