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Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet(4.4lb)

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Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet(4.4lb)
Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet are an anatomically correct version of the foot of a chicken. Featuring three digits, both interdigital webs, an accessory metatarsus, as well as a wrinkled, bright yellow color, Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet are bound to fascinate everyone. Customers can eat them freely, because, of course, they never were real chicken feet. Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet are a great way to introduce squeamish individuals to dining customs around the world. For a small crowd, the bag of 4.4lbs is usually enough to start the process. Vidal Gummi Chicken Feet have a loud color and fruity taste.


Availability:Gummi Chicken Feet usually ship in one or two business days.


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