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Vidal Gummi Swirly Fish(4.4lb)

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Vidal Gummi Swirly Fish(4.4lb)
Vidal Gummi Swirly Fish exhibit a striped pattern closely resembling that of the Lemon Coralgoby fish, latin name Gobiodon citrinus. Vidal Gummi Swirly Fish add color to the old, favorite Gummi Fish of yore. Customers find the white striped fish fascinating, with their complementary red, orange, yellow, green or blue stripes. Almost as fun as snorkeling, watching Vidal Gummi Swirly Fish sell is another entertaining way to observe colorful fish as they find new homes with your customers.


Availability:Gummi Swirly Fish usually ship in one or two business days.


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