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Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles(26.4lb)

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Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles(26.4lb)
Do your customers ever wonder what is inside a turtle? We all know that turtles have a hard outer shield, and most people know that when they feel threatened, they retreat and close up safely inside it. Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles don't close up and do have inside a lovely jelly filling, making an interesting texture contrast between the outside of the gummi turtle and the sweet inside. Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles come in several different color combinations, so there is quite a bit of variety in a case. .

Contents:26.4lb, in 12 bags of 2.2lbs each

Availability:Jelly Filled Gummi Turtles usually ship in one or two business days.


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