How to Make Cute Halloween Gumball Ghosts

Who doesn't love Halloween? Costume parties, pumpkin carving, trick or treating, strolling in the crisp Autumn air checking out all the spooky decorations...and of course, everyone's favorite, candy, candy, candy! But, did you know that candy and gumballs aren't JUST for eating? You also can use candy and gumballs for some pretty "sweet" decorations. Check out this super cute gumball ghost idea shared by one of's fans!

DIY - Gumball Ghosts

Steps to make HalloweenGumball Ghosts

  1. Gather your supplies. Working on a hard surface such as a granite counter top or using a thimble (to help push the needle through the gumball) may make this project a smidge easier. You'll Need:
    • Needle
    • Thread
    • Twine, Yarn or Raffia
    • Tissues
    • 1" Gumballs (use lighter colored gumballs so the color does not show through the tissue)
    • Thimble (or other hard surface) -- optional
  2. String your thread into the needle and push it through the center of one gumball.

    Stinging your gumballs

  3. Push the needle and thread all the way through the center of the gumball to the other side.

    Starting your gumball ghost project

  4. Pull the thread through the gumball. Once you have the hanging length you would like, cut the thread on on end and tie a knot so the thread will not come through the other side of the gumball.

    Step Four - Gumball Ghosts

  5. Pull the needle and thread through the center of a tissue.

    Step Five - Gumball Ghosts

  6. Pull the thread through the tissue until you have the hanging length you want.

    Step Six - Gumball Ghosts

  7. Take a small length of twine, raffia or yarn and tie a knot at the base of the gumball to create the ghost head.

    Step Seven - Gumball Ghosts

  8. Hang your Gumball Ghost and enjoy! Make several and hang them up in different areas of your home.

    Step Eight - Gumball Ghosts

Special thanks to fan Darcy F. for sharing this simple but fun gumball craft idea!