Standard Change Machine IPTran Hi Speed Internet Processing Device

IP Tran High Speed Internet Credit Card Processing Device

The IPTran POS Terminal for Standard Change Machines is a substantial upgrade from the DialTran (dial-up) device. It is programmed with your merchant account information and for communication directly with the server associated with your credit card. While other options from other companies have limited processor choices, the interface with the IPTran allows a choice from multiple credit card processors. Using a DSL or cable-modem connection the average processing time is typically 3-5 seconds.The IPTran device provides the best in high-speed, internet-based credit card processing! Having this wonderful gadget requires some planning, however. The manufacturer recommends that you contact your local cable network, phone company and a computer network solutions provider to determine what equipment will be required and the cost of setting up a high speed communications system, as well as the monthly cost of the connection. You can choose either High-Speed Internet only or High-Speed Internet with a Dial-Up Backup connection. To use the backup feature, you will also need a separate phone line. Choosing a Credit Card Processor involves learning the fee structure as well as determining the ease of contact with service representatives to get answers to your inquiries. You will be communicating with these people regularly, and you need to have a level of confidence that they will provide sufficient service for the money you are paying them to handle your credit card transactions. The manufacturer also recommends that you configure for Host Data Capture.

Host Data Capture Processing (as opposed to Terminal Processing) allows that your authorization verifications and transaction data are stored on the processor's Host server. This helps eliminate back-and-forth communication in the event that a dispute over a charge arises. The processor will have the transaction data readily available. However, you should know that no transaction data is stored on the change machine. This releases you from the responsibility of installing various security measures (firewalls, encryption software, etc.) on your location to protect privacy-related information. Get set up with the IPTran Device today!