Hotrod McDodd Stickers

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GIANT Hotrod McDodd Stickers - 300 count

 Teens love Hotrod McDodd and his irreverent style. This sticker collection is similar to the Big Johnson theme that was popular with teens in the 90s. Proof that what teenagers find funny does not change over time even though the characters do!  This sticker collection does well in teenager hang out spots like the mall or movie theatres. 

Please note these stickers are GIANT and come in GIANT sticker folders that measure 9" X 7.38". These WILL NOT vend from a standard flat pk sticker machine.

Each tattoo comes pre-packed in a flat vend folder and is ready to be loaded into your flat vend machine.

FREE Display Card! We'll include the display card pictured above for FREE to help you maximize sales!


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