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How Gumballs Are Made

Ever wonder how gumballs are made?

Sometimes while chewing a gumball, we stop to think about little things, like how are gumballs made and how do they squeeze all of that delicious gumball flavor inside and then shape it into a hollow ball.

Gumballs are made by scoring flavored or unflavored gum into a cylinder shape, where it is then run through a specialized machine that forms them into gumballs. Once shaped, the gumballs are then stored for several hours at 55-60 degrees to harden. Once hard, the gumballs are put into huge kettles where they are coated with a flavored and colored sucrose solution. After several hours tossing in the machine, the coated balls are dried with hot air and rolled in beeswax or other wax. This final step helps make gumballs shiny and water-repellent, and it also protects their freshness, making them the perfect confection to be dispensed from a gumball machine!