How to Adjust a Carousel Machine Dispensing Wheel

Carousel gumball machines, whether the 15" King or 12" Junior, are equipped with a candy dispensing wheel that allows you to control the amount of gum or candy dispensed with each turn of the crank handle. The 9" Petite machine's gumball dispensing wheel is not adjustable. The process of adjusting the candy wheel to either give out more or less candy is relatively straightforward with a few simple steps to perform the operation and then restore the machine to use.

  1. Remove the machine from the stand, if any. Simply unscrew the machine from the top of the stand and set it on the table.
  2. Remove the lid from the machine by unscrewing the top lock.
  3. Underneath the lid is a brass nut holding the spider ring in place. Unscrew the brass nut and set it aside.
  4. Remove spider ring, gasket and globe all as one piece. Grasp the globe with the gaskets and lift up, off the center rod, and set aside.
  5. Remove the large gasket from underneath the globe. The large gasket sits on top of the brush plate.
  6. Remove the brush plate and set it aside.
  7. The dispensing wheel sits just underneath the brush plate and is readily visible due to the shiny metal piece on the top of it. IN the case of the 12" machine (Junior), there is a screw to loosen before performing the subsequent adjustments.
  8. Notice how the tabs on the shiny metal piece sit in the grooves. To expand the volume of product dispensed, lift the shiny metal piece up and make the triangular opening bigger by seating the tab in the most distant spot. To restrict the amount of gumballs dispensed to a lesser amount, move the shiny metal piece in the opposite direction.
  9. Now it is time to reassemble the machine.
  10. Lay the newly adjusted candy wheel back in its place. Ensure one of the triangular holes is over the exit hole in the machine.
  11. Place the brush plate above it, taking care to place the "front" portion towards the front of the machine.
  12. Restore the large gasket on top of the brush plate.
  13. Lift the globe assembly back into position on the center rod.
  14. Load a few gumballs into the globe and test operation by vending some gumballs through the crank.
  15. Replace the brass nut
  16. Replace the lid and close with screw lock
  17. Re attach machine to stand

Here is a video that illustrates how to adjust your dispensing wheel: