How to Adjust a Gumball Machine Dispensing Wheel?

When setting up your first bulk vending machine, you will need to equip the machine with the proper dispensing wheel. What you vend from your candy and gumball machine depends on the type of dispensing wheel inside the machine. You will need a gumball dispensing wheel for 1" gumballs, 1" round toy capsules or 27mm bouncy balls. A candy dispensing wheel is required for smaller candies like M&M's, Skittles, Mike & Ike's, chiclet gum, nuts, smaller gumballs, etc. Some machines might also have an acorn toy capsule option. The good news is, if you start vending a 1" item and decide later that you'd like to switch to vending bulk candy (or vice versa), you easily can without purchasing a new machine. All you need to do is swap one dispensing wheel for the other! Changing the dispensing wheel in a bulk vending machine is easy.

The gumball wheel assembly comes in three parts: the spacer, the gum wheel and the brushplate. The spacer goes down first into the hopper, then the gum wheel is second making sure one of the gum holes is directly over the hopper hole. This will allow for the proper setting. Third is the brush plate. Make sure the two springs cover the gumball wheel hole that is directly over the hopper opening. These three parts need to be put into the machine to distribute the products effectively (remove spacer when doing capsules).

5 Steps to Change a Gumball Vending Machine Dispensing Wheel

  1. Remove the lock and lid: Undo the lock turning it counter clockwise and remove it and the lid from your machine
  2. Remove the globe: Using a Phillips screw driver, remove the two screws or hold down rods (whichever one applies to your machine) these screws or hold down rods go through the brush plate locking the globe to the hopper.
  3. Remove the brush plate and dispensing wheel: Lift the existing brush plate and wheel up off the center rod of the machine. In some machines, you might have to remove two screws on either side of the dispensing wheel assembly to lift it out of the machine. If you are changing from a gumball wheel to a candy wheel, also remove the spacer.
  4. Insert the new wheel: Insert the new spacer (if gumball wheel), dispensing wheel and brush plate. Ensure the two springs of the brush plate cover the gumball wheel hole that is directly over the hopper opening and candy chute.
  5. Re-assemble the machine: Once the spacer, wheel and brush plate are inserted, place the globe dish (only apples to cylinder globe) and globe back on to the hopper using the two screws or hold down rods which ever ones apply to your machine and screw them down to hold globe in place (do not over tighten). Now test your new setup and you are set to vend!