How to Assemble a Carousel Gumball Machine Pedestal Stand?

The Carousel Gumball Machine Stand can be purchased independently or as bundled with the King Carousel Gumball Machine. This gumball machine stand can ONLY be used with a King Carousel Gumball Machine or the Old Columbia Carousel Gumball Machine.

Parts Included with the Carousel Gumball Machine Stand:

  • Two post pieces
  • Bottom connector piece
  • Four legs
  • Bag of hardware
  • Sheet of instructions

Instructions to Assemble a Carousel Gumball Machine Pedestal Stand:

  1. Attach the legs to the connector: Attach each of the four legs to the bottom connector piece by sliding each leg, one at a time, into the slots, careful to line up the holes of the legs and bottom connector piece. Secure each leg to the bottom connector piece with a screw and a nut provided in the bag of hardware. The nut goes in the bottom of the base connector and the screw goes through the top, through the threaded holes of the legs and through the nut on the bottom of the connector piece. Tighten each screw with a screwdriver.
  2. Attach the post to the legs: Take the bottom post piece of the stand that is threaded on both ends and screw into the base. Next, take the top post piece section and screw into the top of the bottom post piece.
  3. Attach the machine to the stand: The King Carousel and Old Columbia Gumball Machines have bases with threading that can be screwed directly to the top post piece of the stand.

  4. Once attached, your Carousel Gumball Machine is secure on its stand and ready for use!