How to Attach a Gumball Machine to a Stand?

Instructions on How to Attach a Gumball or Candy Machine to a Stand

Attaching a Gumball Machine to a stand can be a little tricky because the way bulk vending machines attach to a stand is somewhat counter intuitive! These instructions should help with the process. We have created a video that shows the process, or for more detail you can scroll down for additional instructions and pictures.

What You'll Need:

  • Gumball Machine Key
  • Gumball Machine
  • Gumball Machine Stand
  • Bolts to Attach Gumball Machine to the Stand (included with the stand)
  • Tool to Tighten the Bolts

4 Steps to Attach a Gumball Machine to a Stand:

  1. Assemble the Stand To attach a commercial gumball machine to a stand, start with an empty gumball machine, After verifying that you have all the parts and tools listed above, then you want to assemble the stand:
    • Most gumball machine stands have three parts: the large circular base, the pipe and a small round flange.
    • If you have a non-threaded stand, you will most likely need to bolt the base and flanges to the stand.
    • If your stand pipe is threaded on each end, it should screw directly into both the base and the flange.
    • See our detailed instructions on How to attach a vending machine to a stand.
      stand parts gumball machine stand

  2. Disassemble the Gumball Machine: Take apart your gumball machine by taking out the lock located in the lid of the machine and lifting the entire gumball machine off the base plate. Disassemble the center-rod/base-plate assembly from the rest of the gumball machine.
    • Use your key to unlock the lid of the gumball machine (insert key into lock and turn the key counterclockwise until the lock releases from the center rod).
    • Remove the key (with the lock now attached) completely from the lid of the gumball machine.
    • While grasping the colored base of the gumball machine, and supporting the globe with your body, lift the entire machine off of the silver base plate. A partner can help by pulling down on the silver base plate, but it should not take too much force to separate the silver base plate from the body of your gumball machine.
    • Once the lock is removed, the entire machine should lift off its base plate by sliding it up and off the center rod.
    • Once the bulk vendor is removed, all you should see is the base plate and the center rod.
      gumball machine remove baseplate

  3. Attach Base Plate to Stand Place the base plate of your gumball machine on top of the gumball machine stand, being careful to align the holes of the gumball machine base plate to the flange (top) of the gumball machine stand. Use the included screws to attach the base plate of the gumball machine to the top of the stand. Once the base plate is aligned, use the bolts provided (there are usually four) to screw the base plate of the gumball machine into the gumball machine stand. The holes on the flange of the gumball machine stand are threaded while the holes in the gumball machine base plate are not, so going through the top of the base plate is the only way to ensure a secure attachment.
    • Place the gumball machine base-plate on the top flange of the stand and align the holes (2 screws are generally enough to secure the machine to the stand).
    • Insert the screws downwards through the base-plate into the stand and tighten (the flange on top of the stand has holes that are threaded so it is important that the head of the screw ends up on top of the machine base plate).
      align holes screws in base plate

  4. Reassemble the Gumball Machine on top of the stand.Once the gumball machine base plate is attached to the stand, the last step is to replace the gumball machine on top of the stand, fill your gumball machine with your product of choice and replace the lock in the top lid.
    • Lifting the machine by the color base, place it back over the center rod and onto the base plate (the base plate is directional and should have the front marked – be sure to line up the base plate with the front of your gumball machine).
    • Insert the lock back into the lid of your gumball machine and use the key to turn the lock clockwise until the machine is once again locked (be careful not to over tighten the lock of your gumball machine as this can break the pins in your lock).
      gumball machine on stand