How to Convert a Vending Machine Coin Mechanism to Free Spin?

How to Make A Commercial Gumball or Candy Machine Free Spin

Some of our customers want to use a commercial gumball or candy vending machine for personal enjoyment, and want to make it "free" so it does not require money get the goodies. We have seen commercial gumball and candy machines set up to dispense gumballs for free in a game room, or toy capsules used for prizes at dental and doctor's offices. In these situations and others, keeping quarters on hand to get the goodies out of the machine can end up being more of a bother than a benefit. In most cases it is easy to convert a coin mechanism to be "free spin" or "free play". Converting a coin mechanism free spin is simple, and involves removing the one or two pieces of hardware that check for the quarter, before allowing the coin mechanism to spin.

In this photo the top coin mechanism has been converted to free spin - notice the missing "arm" hardware in the upper left part of the mechanism.

Gumball Machine Coin Mechanism Free Spin

Commercial gumball machines have more sophisticated coin mechanisms and take a little more work to take apart, but not too much. If you feel comfortable around a screwdriver, this is a modification to your gumball machine that can easily be done by yourself. Classic machines have a similar set of instructions that can be followed to make the machine a free dispensing vending machine. These instructions apply to commercial grade gumball machines including the Classic Candy & Gumball Machine, the Bubble Gumball and Candy Machine and the Pro Supreme machines.

  1. Slide the mechanism out of the machine and place it with the handle side down and the coin drop facing away from you. For all of the gumballs machines available at, you will need to remove the globe of the machine to access the coin mechanism. For many machines, you also may have to remove the dispensing wheel.
  2. Remove the screw in the middle of the back of the mechanism, followed by the gear wheel. Then, remove the handle from the mechanism and put it back down the same way.
  3. On the left side of the coin mechanism there are 3 screws. First, remove the middle screw, followed by 2 pieces (thin slide and big dog).
  4. Remove all the screws along the outside of the coin mechanism (3 total). This will allow you to take off the back plate.
  5. In the front plate, remove the 2 pieces in the top left corner (spring and regular dog). Make sure the coin carrier opening is aligned with the coin drop. Now it's time to put the coin mechanism back together. Now that the four pieces that have been removed from the coin mechanism (thin slide, big dog, spring and regular dog), the coin mechanism should spin freely.
  6. Replace the back plate.
  7. Replace the 3 screws (2 smaller screws go in the left side, longer screw goes in the right).
  8. Put the handle back in. Watch for the flat side of the handle. That side should be facing toward the coin drop.
  9. The gear wheel with the 2 arrows facing toward the coin drop. Replace the first screw. Turn the handle and it should turn with ease.

Beaver Machine Coin Mechanism Free Spin Instructions

Tools Required: You will need a No.2 Red Robertson Screwdriver to convert your coin mechanism; Please refer to the diagram below.

  1. Unscrew #21 (drive gear screw)
  2. Pull off #115 (drive gear)
  3. Tap extension where drive gear was removed, this will allow you to remove #117 (the handle)
  4. Unscrew the #111 (mechanism screws) from the four corners on #126 (back plate); this will separate the front plate from the back plate.
  5. You will now have access to #123 (the coin carrier), please remove
  6. You will now remove #125 (the coin dog) and #124 (the coin dog spring). These will remain removed
  7. Replace the coin carrier and then refasten the back plate to the front plate
  8. Reinsert the handle, replace the drive gear and secure with the drive gear screw
  9. You now need to remove #127 (washer dog) & #110 (washer dog spring) permanently; to do this unscrew the middle mechanism screw on the back plate and remove washer dog spring and washer dog.

Rhino Machine Coin Mechanism Free Spin Instructions

  1. Remove the center screw
  2. Remove the sprocket
  3. Remove the handle
  4. Remove the washer detector screw, spring and washer detector (discard)
  5. Remove the three mounting screws that hold the back plate to the face plate
  6. Remove the back plate (Leave the rachet and hammer assembly on the back plate)
  7. Remove the coin detector and spring (discard)
  8. Reassemble as shown