How to Make a Carousel Gumball Machine Free Spin?

Instructions on How to Make Carouse Gumball Machines Free Spin

While some people who own a Carousel Gumball Machine like to utilize their gumball machine as a bank, others like to set it up so the coin mechanism spins freely and does not require a coin to vend the gumballs or candy inside the machine. This is called "free-spin".

Below are instructions on how you adjust the coin mechanism of a Carousel Gumball Machine so that it spins freely. Follow this same process for any size Carousel Gumball Machine. Carousel gumball machines come with instructions to modify the coin mechanism yourself, then you've come to the right place!

  1. First, open the gumball machine by removing the lid (you can use a coin to unscrew the lid) and releasing the spider ring that sits on top of the glass globe. Accomplish this by removing the screw that attaches it to the center pole.
  2. Once the spider ring is removed, carefully lift the small gasket on top of the globe and the glass globe off the machine and set aside.
  3. Once the globe is removed, remove the large gasket, the brush off plate and the adjustable candy dispensing wheel.
  4. Once those parts have been removed, you should be able to slide the coin mechanism out of the machine.
  5. Once you remove the coin mechanism, turn it over and notice that there is a dog arm that catches the mechanism if no coin is inserted into the machine.
  6. To make the coin mechanism free spin, you need to remove this dog arm by using a phillips head screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw that holds the dog arm in place.
  7. Once the dog arm is removed, the coin mechanism will spin freely without needing a coin.
  8. Slide the coin mechanism back into machine and replace all the parts in the reverse order.

Your Carousel Gumball Machine is now set for free spin.

Should you decide that you want to make your Carousel Gumball Machine take coins again, simply replace the dog arm that you removed.