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Mike & Ike Candy (4.5lbs)

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Bulk Mike and Ike's Candy 4.5lbs (72oz) Bulk Bag
Sometimes you do not need a full 27lb case fo Mike and Ike's to satisfy that craving for the chewy fruit candy that has been a family favorite for over a generation. In those cases we offer a convenient 4.5lb bag of Mike and Ike's. Single Bag Mike and Ike's are the perfect solution to top off your bulk candy vending machine or to tide you over on the upcoming family road trip. Either way, Mike and Ike's have a reputation of not lasting for very long once you open the bag!

Flavors: Cherry, Lime, Lemon, Orange and Strawberry.
Weight: 4.5 pounds (72oz)
Manufacturer: Just Born Candy Company

Freshness Guarantee

Kosher Certification Circle UMike & Ike's are certified Kosher and pareve candy.

Mike & Ike's Candy History & Fun Facts
The Just Born Candy Company got its name when founder, Sam Born, proudly displayed in his store window an evolving line of daily-made candy, declaring them "just born". The original variety of Mike and Ikes was introduced in 1940 and included Cherry, Orange, Lemon, and Lime. Today's classic fruit flavors have added Strawberry to the mix. This year marks 70 years of Sweet MIKE AND IKE® Goodness. 

Some theories about how MIKE AND IKE® was named include: as a result of a company-wide contest, after a 1937 song titled "Mike and Ike (The Twins)" and after a Vaudeville act "Mike and Ike, We're Just Alike". If you lined up each piece of MIKE AND IKE® candies produced in one year end-to-end, they would reach around the earth 3 times! Each MIKE AND IKE® chewy candy has only 6 calories and 0 grams of fat.


The products came sooner than expected Review by Brenda Stinson
I'm pleased with service and products. (Posted on 5/6/2016)
good candy optionReview by Mike Mitchell
Better than what I thought! (Posted on 6/27/2014)
Great CandyReview by Ezra Beattie
My grand children love them! (Posted on 3/20/2013)

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