Mini Hot Dog Cart

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Mini Hot Dog Cart
The mini hot dog cart borrows its styling’s from the hot dog street vendors that can be found all over the country. This mini cart holds up to 60 standard sized hot dogs and 30 buns. It has an adjustable thermostat and cooks the hotdogs with steam in just 20-30 minutes. Cooking with steam increases the holding time that the hotdogs stay fresh and the buns are warmed in a separate dry warming compartment.

The decorative wheels, umbrella and eye catching graphics steal the show, but underneath is the true beauty of this machine. The machine is constructed out of mirrored stainless steel and the entire machine breaks down for easy cleaning in a standard sized sink.

Mini Hot Dog Cart Specifications:
- Dimensions – 21”w x 13”d x 15”h
- Weight – 24lbs
- Power Requirements: 1200 Watts – 10Amps at 120V

Mini Hot Dog Cart Thermostat Control:

Mini Hot Dog Cart Thermostat ControlThe temperature that you want to use when cooking your hot dogs is not the same temperature that you want to use when they are cooked and you are keeping them warm until you sell them. The mini hot dog cart comes with an adjustable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature of the machine and make adjustments on the fly. The mini hot dog cart also has a master power on off switch that turns it off completely.

3 Year WarrantyThree- Year Warranty: Mini Hot Dog Carts each come with a three year warranty. Our machines are designed for commercial use and will stand up to years of normal use.

Availability: The Mini Hot Dog Carts are in stock and ship in 1-3 business days after you place your order.


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