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Natural Almond Meal (30lbs)

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Natural Almond Meal - 30 Pounds
Almond meal is a great substitute for flour in low carb diets as it contains 20 grams of carbohydrates per cup of almond flour with ten of those being dietary fiber. This case has 30 pounds of almond flour and is guaranteed to arrive fresh at your door.

Shipped in a 30 lb bulk case.

Availability: Plenty in stock! Ships out of our warehouse 1-3 days after order date.

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Almond meal, almond flour or ground almond is made from ground sweet almonds. Almond flour is usually made with blanched almonds (no skin), whereas almond meal can be made both with whole or blanched almonds. The consistency is more like corn meal than wheat flour. It is used in pastry and confectionery - in the manufacture of almond macaroons and other sweet pastries, in cake and pie filling, and is one of the two main ingredients of marzipan and almond paste.

In France almond meal is called frangipane and is an important ingredient in the traditional Galette des Rois cake.

Almond meal has recently become important in baking items for those on low carbohydrate diets. It adds moistness and a rich nutty taste to baked goods. Items baked with almond meal tend to be calorie dense.


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