NFL Buildable Figurines (Self-Vend)

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NFL Buildable Player Figurines are Self Vending items - 250ct
These fun figurines come packaged inside the figures head. Your customers buy the toy open the head (which serves as the toy capsules), remove the body, and put the figure back together to start playing. This set features figurines from the National Football League teams. The NFL is the country's most popular sports league and is a marketing Juggernaut, why not leverage that branding in your toy capsule machines.

These self vending items require a 2 inch toy capsule or bouncy ball machine for vending.

Each case of these figurines includes 250 self vending toys and the free double sided NFL Buildable Figurines display to promote the toys in your toy capsule machine.

Availability: NFL Build-able Figurines are in stock and usually ship out in one or two business days.


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