Nitwitz Fruit-Shaped Candy (30lbs)

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Nitwitz Fruit-Shaped Candy 30lbs / 18,050 Count Bulk Case
Nitwitz Fruit shaped candies come in a variety of great fruit flavors including: banana, strawberry, grape, orange, lime and watermelon flavors. Each candy piece is shaped and coated to look like a smaller version of the real thing!! Nitwitz Fruit Shaped bulk candy can be dispensed from any of our candy machines with a bulk candy dispensing wheel.

Flavor: Banana, strawberry, grape, orange, lime & watermelon
Quantity: 18,050 pieces per case
Weight: 30 pounds
Manufacturer: Oak Leaf Confections/SweetWorks

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Kosher Certification Circle UOak Leaf candy is certified Kosher candy.


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