Patron Saint Necklaces 1" Capsules

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Patron Saint Necklaces in 1" Toy Capsules - 250ct
Each capsule from your toy vending machine reveals a gold-colored pendant on a similarly colored chain. Saints present in the mix include Christopher, Anthony, Rose of Lima, Thomas Aquinas, Jude, Luke, Francis, Joan of Arc, Joseph and Philomena, who are the patron saints, respectively of travelers, lost things, Latin America, students, lost causes, artists, animals, soldiers, families and children. These pendants put a face to the person to trust and ask for help!

FREE with your purchase: We'll include the display card to go inside your toy vending machine's globe to display these toys and increase sales!

Fill your toy capsule vending machine with these capsule toys kids love! Toy capsules and vending machine toys are the most popular items sold through bulk vending machines today. A capsule toy puts a smile on any kid's face, and puts money in your machine!


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