Peanuts in Shell Roasted (25lbs)

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Jimbo's Jumbos Roasted Peanuts in Shell (no Salt) - 25 Pounds
These extra large peanuts are roasted inside the shell without any salt to bring out the natural flavor of the peanuts. These peanuts make a great snack, and people love to break open the shell to find the nut inside. Peanuts are a healthy snack as well.

Shipped in a 25 lb bulk case.

Availability: Plenty in stock! Ships out of our warehouse 1-3 days after order date. Bulk Nuts are the tastiest wholesale nuts and they come with a freshness guarantee!


Your Peanuts are for the Birds... But That's a Very Good Thing!!!Review by David Troup
Greetings, my friends!

I discovered your 25 pound box of "Peanuts in the Shell Roasted" over a year ago, and I have been a regular and dependable customer of ever since.

I am an avid wild bird lover and my small third-floor apartment balcony is well-known in this "territory" for both its variety of bird feeders and its variety of bird foods. Perhaps the most popular of those delectables are your peanuts in the shell. I buy the unsalted kind, of course, because wild birds cannot handle all that salt. The Blue Jays, American Crows, Carolina Wrens, and

Your price is quite wonderful, also... and the bulk 25 lb. box is a great internet find. (Please don't up the price, just because I am bragging about y'all.)

The peanuts are delivered in a strong corrugated cardboard box and the peanuts are contained in a strong plastic bag therein. My UPS delivery man, Joe, is delighted that I discovered your 25-pound box, because two of those are much easier to lug up two flights of stairs than one 50-pounder!

Many thanks to the folks that make work so very well !!! (Posted on 6/23/2014)
Excellent ProductReview by William Hermann
The peanuts are delicious, our backyard birds are sharing them with us. (Posted on 4/3/2013)
Fast delivery and good eats for our backyard friendsReview by Domingo Acevedo
We've been ordering peanuts from a number of suppliers for years, but no one matches Gumballs for quality, consistency and delivery time and cost. Some suppliers will charge less for the product but charge more for the shipping. Gumballs is easy on the wallet on both counts. The quality of the product is consistently good. While some suppliers' product quality is uneven, if I order from Gumballs I can be certain that the product quality will be good. We've been happy customers for some years now and will continue to be in the future. (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Fast delivery and good eats for our backyard friendsReview by Domingo Acevedo
We've spent a great deal of time online, looking for peanuts at a reasonable price (it's for squirrels and birds) but of good quality. I've ordered from a number of suppliers, and Gumballs is the one that is most reasonable and a good quality product. We always order the roasted, because squirrels cannot eat raw peanuts (it causes organ failure). So these are a good value and save us the time and trouble of having to roast the peanuts ourselves. The most important consideration for us is that, while a certain amount of breakage is to be expected, some of the other suppliers I've purchased from cannot be relied upon to supply a pretty consistent degree of quality (in short, some orders have been better than others). Gumballs, however, can be relied upon to be consistent. Some suppliers will sell the product for less but charge more for shipping. Gumballs is the easiest on the wallet. We've been repeat purchasers for a few years and will continue to be. (Posted on 1/31/2013)

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