Poppi Hot Air Popcorn Machine

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Hot Air Poppi Popcorn Machine

The Poppi is a smaller production air popcorn popper. It is compact in size and still produces up to 240 one ounce servings of popcorn per hour. The Poppi is a counter top machine that can either mount to one of our popcorn production tables or its own free standing base. Air popping your popcorn eliminates the oil in production for a healthier product, less mess and minimal cleanup. Hot air popped popcorn also has a longer shelf life than popcorn popped with oil based methods.

Poppi Hot Air Popcorn Machine Specifications:
- Dimensions: 16.75”D x 18.75”W 34”H
- Weight: 150lbs
- Electrical Requirements: 3250 Watts - 20Amps at 120V

Poppi Hot Air Popcorn Machine Optional Upgrades:
Plastic Scrap Bin with Sifter –Sifts out unpopped kernels & small pieces.
Counter Top Mount Base – The Poppi comes with a shelf base mount for use with a popcorn production table. The counter top base mount enables you to use the Poppi on any flat counter top surface.
Free Standing Base – Turn the Poppi into a free standing unit with this stainless steel base designed just for the Poppi hot air popcorn machine.
Countertop Receiving Tray – Collect your popcorn in this stainless steel receiving tray.

Availability: The Cretors Poppi Hot Air Popcorn Machines aare custom built to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.


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