Richardson Butter Mints (6.75lbs)

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Richardson Butter Mints Bulk - 12 x 9oz Bags (6.75lbs total)
Richardson yellow butter mints are a classic after dinner mint with a buttery mint flavor and light creamy texture. Richardson has been making these butter mints with real butter and pure peppermint oil since 1893! The rich, decadent flavor of these "crunchy pillow mints" will melt in your mouth! And the light yellow color is perfect for weddings and other parties. These butter mints come in 12 individually-sealed 9oz bags.

Flavor: Butter mint
Weight: 6.75 pounds (12-9oz bags)
Manufacturer: Richardson Mints

Ingredients: Sugar, butter, oat flour, salt, natural peppermint flavor, potassium sorbate, propyl gallate and citric acid (added to preserve freshness), vanilla, artificial colors, yellow 5 and yellow 6.

If Richardson butter mints contain real butter how can they also be fat free? Richardson butter mints contain what FDA guidelines consider a dietarily insignificant amount of fat. Butter Mints actually contain 0.78 grams of fat per serving. However, FDA guidelines consider any product with less than 1 gram of fat per serving to be fat free.


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