Ringmaster 5 Cotton Candy Machine

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Ringmaster 5” Cotton Candy Machine
The Ringmaster Cotton Candy machine is the first to replace the traditional ribbons and bands with a heating element that can process either traditional cotton candy mix or regular granulated sugar and turn it into delicious cotton candy. This 5” stainless steel spinner head features a custom Incoloy heating element and a mesh screen. These changes reduce maintenance costs on the machine itself.

The cotton candy floss head cabinet is made out of welded stainless steel and includes two handles for easy transportation. The motor is suspended with specially designed compression springs that will last the life of the cotton candy machine. The aluminum cotton candy bowl and stabilizer is also included with the Ringmaster cotton candy machine and ship in a separate box.

Available Upgrades

1/2 Bubble & Clips –Allows cotton candy process to make less mess; discourages kid's hands from reaching into your cotton candy machine.
Bowl - 19inch diameter –Optional smaller 9" deep bowl is useful for small-spaced areas or rentals.

Ringmaster 5” Cotton Candy Machine Specifications:

- Dimensions: 20.5”D x 13.5”W x 17.5”H
- Weight: 48lbs
- Production Capacity: 10-12lbs/hour
- Electrical Requirements: 1700 Watts - 14.2Amps at 120V
- Aluminum Bowl Dimensions - Dimensions: 26”D x 26”W x 9”H
- Weight: 13lbs

Availability: Custom built to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.


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