Showcase 48" Cornditioner Warming Cabinet - 3 Door

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Cretors 48” Showcase Cornditioner Cabinet – Three Door
This popcorn warming cabinet from Cretors holds three types of product simultaneously and  is designed to be mounted in your counter. The cornditioner system is designed to circulate warm air to keep popcorn fresh and keep the power costs down. The cabinet is designed to allow either front or rear concession depending on how you want to set it up. Three individual doors provide easy access to the three storage bins that are separated by permanent glass panels. The internal halogen lights help your popcorn or other snack products look great. 

48” Show Case Cornditioner Warming Cabinet Specifications:
- Dimensions: 30”D x 48”W x 27”H
- Electrical Requirements: 950 Watts – 8Amps at 120V
- Weight: 253lbs

48” Show Case Cornditioner Warming Cabinet Optional Upgrades:
Integrated Topper –Incorporates a topper with the Showcase cabinet, allowing topping & popcorn never to be very far from each other.
Mirror Sides –Enhanced merchandising with reflective interior sides.  
Moveable Divider –Allows you to change how your warmer is divided for different products.
Caramel Corn Plate –Obstructs damaging warmth from reaching your caramel corn.
Scoop Holder –Holds the popcorn scoop up near the top of the warmer.
Casters and Storage Base –Elevates Counter Cornditioner to counter level in absence of a counter and creates a mobile Cornditioner

Availability: The Cretors Cornditioner Cabinets are custom machines, built to order and ship in 2-5 weeks.


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