Silver Screen Popcorn Machine

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Silver Screen Popcorn Machine
The Silver Screen Popcorn Machine is a technological marvel. This popcorn machine has all of the bells and whistles and is perfect for high volume operations. The classic silver look of this popcorn machine looks great on its own or can be branded with your own graphics to match the rest of your marketing. The Silver Screen popcorn machine has a 8oz kettle to make popping lots of popcorn a breeze and is able to pop up to 170 quarts of popcorn per hour.

The Silver Screen Popcorn Machine features a stainless steel food zone and 20 mil anodized popping high mass popping kettle for easy cleaning and consistent popping. It has an old-maid drawer to catch un-popped kernels, a thermostat controlled warmed food zone for keeping popcorn fresh and warm, and tempered glass for durability. The Silver Screen Popcorn Machine also includes a 3 year manufacturer warranty and is available in both 120 Volts or 240 Volts and will run on a standard 15 Amp circuit.

Silver Screen Popcorn Machine Specifications:
- Dimensions – 20”w x 17”d x 30”h
- 8 ounce kettle – Produce up to 170 quarts of popcorn per hour
- Power Requirements – 1510 Watts – 12.6Amps at 120V/6.3Amps at 240V
- Weight – 61lbs
- Matching Pedestal Stand – Base Stand for Silver Screen Popcorn Machine
- Dimensions – 20”w x 17”d x 33”h
- Weight – 62lbs

Key Features:

High Mass Anodized Aluminum Popping Kettle
Anodized aluminum provides the best heat transfer of any cooking surface for fast popping times. The high mass design of this kettle ensures even heat and perfect popping. We use 20mm thick anodizing to make sure that the kettle is durable enough to handle heavy use. Anodized aluminum also provides an easy to clean surface to make maintaining your popcorn machine easier. The kettle jacket is made out of stainless steel for easy cleaning and durability.

Silver Screen ThermostatThermostat Controlled Serving Temperature
With the Silver Screen Popcorn Machine, you can accurately control the temperature of the serving area of your popcorn machine. The thermostat ranges all the way up to 120 degrees and works together with a heating element in the base of the Silver Screen Popcorn Machine to ensure that all of the popcorn is kept at a constant temperature.

Temperature IndicatorPopcorn Serving Temperature Indicator
You can quickly check the temperature of the popcorn that you are serving from your machine with this cabinet temperature indicator on the Silver Screen Popcorn Machine. Used with the thermostat on the machine, you can more accurately control the temperature that you choose to keep your serving section of your popcorn machine at for optimal customer happiness.

Old Maids Un-Popped Popcorn Kernel DrawerUn-Popped Kernel Drawer
Nobody likes biting into an un-popped kernel of popcorn or old maid. The Silver Screen Popcorn Machine has perforations in the bottom stainless steel tray to allow the un-popped kernels to fall down into the un-popped kernel drawer. All you need to do is rake the freshly popped popcorn back and forth a couple of times and the fresh fluffy popcorn will be all that remains for your customers.

Simple Four Switch OperationFour Switch Operation
The Silver Screen Popcorn Machine allows you to easily control any of its functions with its four switch controls. The switches include a master power switch, a switch for the light inside the serving cabinet, a kettle cooking switch and the last switch controls the motor for the agitator inside the kettle. The heating element in the base of the machine is controlled with the thermostat any time that the master power switch is turned on.

3 Year WarrantyThree- Year Warranty: Silver Screen Popcorn Machines each come with a three year warranty on parts. The user friendly design of these machines makes it easy for in field repairs, but these machines are designed for years of trouble free use in the most demanding conditions.


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