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Sour Gummi Starfish(30lb)

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Sour Gummi Starfish(30lb)
In contrast to some of our other marine life gummi products, the Sour Gummi Starfish closely approximate the interior texture of a real starfish. So, for the youthful culinary experimenter, eating a Sour Gummi Starfish is not so different from eating a real one. At least, that's one possible story that can be told. While the texture may closely approximate that of a real starfish, color and flavor do not. The sour sugar dusting removes all doubt of the authenticity of the Sour Gummi Starfish, and the vivid yellow, blue, red and white colors contrast with starfish your customers are likely to find on the beach. Stock up now for beach season!

Contents:30lb, in six bags of five pounds each.

Availability:Sour Gummi Sea Stars usually ship in one or two business days.


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