Sour Patch Kids (28.5lbs/1,920ct)

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Sour Patch Kids 1920 Count Bulk Case
Sour Patch Kids first made their appearance on the candy scene in the 1970's and have only grown more popular since then (see below for a history of the Sour Patch Kids Candy). With a sour sugar coating on a gummy candy, kids love Sour Patch Kids Candy. These Sour Patch Kids come individually wrapped and will not work in a bulk candy vending machine.

Flavor: Assorted Sour Fruit
Weight: 28.5 lbs
Quantity:1920 count case
Manufacturer: Cadbury Adams

Caution: This product is individually wrapped and will not dispense in a candy machine or a gumball machine.

Freshness Guarantee

Sour Patch Kids were originally Mars Men, and sold in the US for one cent each. The product idea came from the public fascination with UFO sightings at the time and the candies were fashioned to represent space invaders. The unique flavor comes from coating candy with a sour coating and was developed in the late 1970s and was first tested on Mars Men. The product then morphed into soft candy with a regular cherry flavor then receiving a sour sanding. Sour Patch Kids was first distributed in 1985 and then received a makeover in 2002 to become the candy that it is today.


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