Standard Change Machine Expanded Function (EF+) Module

Expanded Function Module

The Expanded Function (EF+) Module provides additional programming capabilities and adds other advanced features to your Standard Change Machine, in addition to audit and diagnostic reporting. It allows for the programming of features such as configuration of bill acceptance, security levels for each bill (by denomination), and coin payout levels (useful in token operations). This module will also display audit totals of all bills collected and coins dispensed, a last bill in log, help screen for operations questions, enhanced diagnostic reports for service needs, and all other machine settings. An SD card slot allows for fast, easy software updates. Plus, there is an Ethernet port when connected to a router can send revenue in, revenue out, error codes and hopper low alerts to 6 different email addresses for remote monitoring of the changer. This option is ideal for professional route operators and owners who want to keep a closer eye on revenue collecting in general. Some of the alert options include:

  • Hopper low: This alert is useful because it warns you ahead of time before the coin hopper is completely empty, giving you warning to service the machine. If you are aware of how fast you typically dispense coins, then you can calculate the approximate time left before the hopper is completely empty.
  • Bill set low: As in the Hopper Low alert, this alert forwarns you ahead of an actual problem.
  • Hopper empty: when the Hopper Empty alert comes, the machine has no more coins to dispense.
  • Machine out of service
  • Revenue in/out : This confirms that it is operating correctly without vandalism and for maximum business vigilance, you can compare to the revenue coming into the machines matches the bills and coins dispensed.