Standard Change Machine Keep Module

Keep Trac Internet Connectivity Module

The Standard Change-Makers KeepTrac.NET is a web-based remote monitoring system that connects your System 600 (FST & EF models) bill acceptors to a hi-speed DSL or Cable internet connection - and allows owners to monitor their change machines from a remote computer. If you have an unattended laundry that relies on your change machine being operational - KeepTrac.NET allows you to monitor that site while you're away. KeepTrac will even notify you of an alarm conditions via e-mail or text alert to your cell phone.

The KeepTrac.NET module has a connector that plugs into your System 600 serial port, and an Ethernet cable that plugs into a network router (that is in turn connected to a hi-speed cable or DSL internet modem). Once the network connection is set-up, you type in your IP address and log into the KeepTrac.NET site specific to your changer. From the site, you set-up your site-specific information and alert notification e-mail addresses.

The KeepTrac.NET web site provides you with the current operational status of your change machine and it's specific components, as well as an audit report page that shows you the Bills In and Coins Out counts. You can reset or shut-down the machine remotely as well.

  • KeeepTrac.NET sends alarm condition notifications to an e-mail address or a text message to your cell phone
  • KeepTrac.NET allows owners to Reset (restart) their change machine from their remote computer
  • KeepTrac.NET allows owners to Inhibit (forced shut down) their changer from their remote computer.
  • Home Page: Provides general information about machine location, and operational status of the machine and the individual components within (Bill Acceptor and Hoppers). A single hopper may be jammed or empty, but the machine is online, if other hoppers are still functional.
  • Combine KeepTrac.NET with Door Open Switches, you can get a Time and Date stamped Audit Report whenever someone opens the changer door. Perfect for verifying third party collections activities.
  • Audit Page: Provides a snapshot of the Bills In and Coins Out counts broken down into the count for each denomination of bills and coins accepted, and number of coins dispensed from each individual hopper. The Audit Page also allows owners to clear the audit and refresh (update) the counts.
  • Set-Up Page: Information you enter for your machine to customize the Home and Audit screens, to tell you where the machine is located specifically within the store, and where to send e-mail alerts.
  • Available for single acceptor or dual acceptor change machines with Standard System 600-FST or System 600-EF bill acceptors (System 500 and System 500-E bill acceptors are not compatible with KeepTrac.NET)
  • Alarm Conditions Reported: Machine Reset, Programming Changed, Low Capacity Warning, Bill Held, Tamper Error, Fast Vend Shut-Off, Stacker Full, Hopper Empty, Acceptor Error, and Machine Error