Standard Change Machine Credit Card Quantity Selection Packages

Package Select (Also called 4-Button Select)

Package Select has four buttons, each of which corresponds to a specified number of tokens for a specified amount of money. Once the customer decides which package suits their needs they push the button, and then swipe their card or deposit the proper funds, and the machine dispenses the specified number of tokens. In the picture below, the green buttons are the 4-Button Select.

Illustration of Package Select

Pulse Select (Also called 3-Button Select)

Pulse Select has three buttons: Add/More, Cancel, and Vend/Dispense. With the pulse select package there is a minimum amount of tokens you wish to sell. This minimum is displayed on the LCD screen. The amount can be incremented by pushing the Add/More button. When the customer gets to the correct amount they want, push the Vend/Dispense button and the machine is ready to accept payment. In the picture below, the three red, green and yellow buttons the 3-Button Select mechanism.

Illustration of Pulse Select