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Tootsie Tarts (25lbs)

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Tootsie Tarts Bulk Candy 25lbs / 7,000 Count Bulk Case
These tart little candies are very similar to the popular Sweet Tarts Candies but are made by Tootsie Roll. Tootsie Tarts come in a 25 pound bulk candy case and are a great way to fill up your candy machine several times. As a pressed sugar candy, Tootsie Tarts have a long shelf life and do well in most climates and vending locations that you could find for them.

Includes an assortment of fruity colors (flavors): red (cherry), yellow (lemon), green (lime), purple (grape), orange (orange) and white (pineapple). Each candy has "TT" initials for Tootsie!

This bulk candy can be dispensed from any of our candy machines with a bulk candy dispensing wheel.

Flavor: Cherry, Lemon, Lime, Grape, Orange, Pineapple
Quantity: 7,000 pieces per case
Weight: 25 pounds
Manufacturer: Concord Confections / Tootsie Roll

Freshness Guarantee

Kosher Certification Circle UConcord Confections candy is certified Kosher candy.


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